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    The National Wildlife Federation

    October–November 2016

    National Wildlife® // October–November 2016 Issue

    A Flight for Their Lives

    Millions of bats have died from white-nose syndrome, but scientis...

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    Beyond Politics

    The nation’s next administration and Congress should tackle our t...

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    From Field and Stream to Table

    Foodies turn to hunting and fishing for the ultimate sustainable ...

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    President's View: A New Vision for Conservation

    NWF strives to increase wildlife populations within a generation

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    Home on the Sage

    A historic effort to conserve sagebrush habitat helps keep the gr...

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    Working for Wildlife

    NWF and its affiliates are protecting public lands, bridging a ha...

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    Loss of the Wild

    The rise of the captive cervid industry is raising concerns about...

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    When Birds Become Bird Food

    Hawks are capitalizing on the abundance of prey attracted to back...

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    News of the Wild

    Shrinking birds, insatiable porpoises and more

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    Nature's Witness: Sponge Buffet

    A photographer captures a portrait of a sea turtle at work as “co...

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    Shared Moment: Milkweed Pod Cast

    A photographer captures a cascade of seeds dispersing

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    Where We Work

    More than one-third of U.S. fish and wildlife species are at risk of extinction in the coming decades. We're on the ground in seven regions across the country, collaborating with 53 state and territory affiliates to reverse the crisis and ensure wildlife thrive.

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