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    Virtual Classroom Resources

    To support the virtual learning needs of teachers, parents as teachers, and caregivers, Eco-Schools USA presents a collection of resources that rely on the natural world as the vehicle for learning. Resource additions are made monthly. Questions? Contact eco-schoolsusa@nwf.org

    Learning Activities

    A collection of short, at-home learning activities that teachers can share or families can complete together. Take a virtual field trip with “Nature’s Witness™,” the National Wildlife Federation’s first-ever exhibition of wildlife photography chosen from the National Wildlife® Photo Contest.

    flamingo chick


    Outdoor Learning Resources

    Eco-Schools USA YouTube Channel

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    Ranger Rick® Family Guide

    This monthly guide provides family-friendly ways to stay engaged with nature. It complements the digital edition of Ranger Rick® magazine, currently available for free. For more animal and nature activities, crafts, stories, and fresh jokes and riddles, explore Ranger Rick at Home. Teachers are encouraged to download the free, monthly Educator's Guide.

    Ranger Rick Jr. Parent Guide

    This monthly parent guide is available in both English and Spanish. It complements the digital edition of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine, currently available for free.

    Art Activities

    Get crafty with this collection of nature-inspired arts and crafts activities.

    stamp art

    Wild About Stampin'
    Instructions for creating wildlife stamps

    animal figurines

    Scavenging for Species
    Instructions for a wildlife scavenger hunt

    mason bee condo hanging from a tree

    Buzzworthy Mason Bee Condos
    Create and care for a mason bee condo.

    pollinator origami

    Pollinator Origami Chatterbox
    Learn about native pollinators with this fun origami activity. 

    origami chatterbox

    Salmon Life Cycle Origami Chatterbox
    Learn about the salmon life cycle with this fun origami activity.

    rock art

    Rock Art Activity
    Learn more about rocks used in landscaping and beautify a garden with a Rock Art activity.

    Schooled on Salmon Photo

    Schooled on Salmon
    Learn about salmon and Go Fishin' with this craft activity.

    bat craft

    A Cauldron of Bats
    Create a cauldron of bats with this craft activity.



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