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    Experience Eco-Schools USA to the fullest — through your school's interactive dashboard.


    Registered Schools


    Schoolyard Habitats®


    Bronze, Silver & Green Flag Awards


    Seven Step Framework


    The framework is your roadmap for implementing the Eco-Schools USA program at your school.
    Read how it works.

    Step 1 - Eco Action Team

    Form an Eco-Action Team

    Step 2 - Environmental Audit

    Conduct an Environmental Audit

    Step 3 - Eco Action Plan

    Create an Eco-Action Plan

    Step 4 - Monitor & Evaluate

    Monitor & Evaluate Progress

    Step 5 - Link to Curriculum

    Link to Existing Curriculum

    Step 9 - Involve the Community

    Involve the Community

    Step 7 - Create Your Eco Code

    Create an Eco-Code